St. Getrude Secondary School is purpose-built girls boarding school situated at Disunyala village in Kilangalanga ward, Mlandizi Division, Kibaha district, in Pwani region about three (3) kilometers along Dar es salaam-Morogoro road and 45 kilometres from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in East Africa. The school is a cutting edge establishment on the national education scene.

School History

St. Getrude Mlandizi Girls Secondary School (SGMGSS) was officially inaugurated on 2012. After official opening we sit for the 1st form four graduation on 2015. St. Getrude Mlandizi Girls Secondary School (SGMGSS) is a campus style, girls boarding establishment opened to the public on (2013), by enrolling Form I students. The school has been specially designed by top architects and built to the highest construction standards. St. Getrude Mlandizi Girls Secondary School (SGMGSS) is aware of and sensitive to the problems and barriers girls' face during their secondary education. So the school buildings and curriculum have been designed to give them maximum educational opportunities in a secure, calm and sheltered environment.

Gender and the District

The general feature of secondary education in the Kibaha district is that sex ratio fovours boys. The reason for this is entrance competition due to the shortage of secondary schools, early marriages for girls for the sake of securing a good dowry, a prevalence of unwanted pregnancies,the need of girls to help mothers with homestead domestic chores and parental passiveness, cultural suspicions and fear of the effects education will have on their daughters. This belief overrides the logic and recognition that education has had positive effects on promotion of maternal and child health, on family welfare, and in economic, social and political benefits.


It is in this light, that African benedict sisters was established as an NGO to cater specifically for girl's secondary education at O level. Registered on the year 1995 (certificate of incorporation number SO.8404 as a company limited by guarantee and a non-profit organization, African benedict sisters has the following aims and objectives;

  1. To establish and run schools and other educational institutions and to act as a holding organization in the provision of education to women at various levels of nursery, primary and secondary.
  2. To organize and carry out training workshops and seminars for the advancement of knowledge of women in areas seen to have knowledge and information gaps either in the scholarly area or general public.

In fulfilment of the above main objectives, African benedict sisters embarked on building and registering a girls' secondary school located at Disunyala village in Kilangalanga ward (Mlandizi Division, Kibaha District, Coast Region). In compliance with the requirement of the National Educational Act (number 25 of 1978 section 26(3)), the African benedict sisters was registered as owner of St. Getrude Mlandizi Girls Secondary School (SGMGSS) as a non-Government academic institution with school (number S 4794) on the year 2014. It is permitted to run and manage three streams of form one to form four.